Seminar № 2. The New World Order: Global Trends

On 14 October 2017, the Discussion Club of “Knowledge Caravan” held its second discussion titled “The New World Order: Global Trends”. Professor Nazokat Kasymova presented her report. An interesting discussion followed revealing a number of important world order issues requiring an in-depth study.  For instance: “How to define the world order?”; “What are the world order models?”; “Can there be equality between the IR actors?”; “Is there a generation problem in the NWO  formation?”; “How to define  the essence of national interests within the global interdependence setting?” etc.

We discussed new terms such as glocalization, fragmentation etc.  The seminar touched upon theses from Henry Kissinger’s book “The World Order”, in particular, his thesis that the USA was created not on the basis of national values ​​(it is supranational) and, therefore, does not have a burden of a national history of a different nation with its admirations and crimes.

The next discussion will be dedicated to the topic of Eurasian perspectives.