Non-governmental Non-profit Research Institution “Knowledge Caravan”
Created in Tashkent in February 2017. Founder: Dr. Farkhod Tolipov
Registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan

NNRI “Knowledge Caravan” is created with three inter-related goals: 1) development of social and human sciences (philosophy, history, sociology, political science, law, international relations, psychology, ecology and others), creation of the “Tashkent school”of social sciences and training new generation of scientists, analysts, experts and officials; 2) production and spreading across the world of new knowledge about Uzbekistan and Central Asia as well as attraction of achievements of world science to the studies of Central Asia; 3) making professional contribution to the democratic development, consolidation of the civil society, conducting reforms and strengthening peace.

Basic tasks of the NNRI “Knowledge Caravan” are:


  • Making researches andanalyses, including jointly with national and foreign scientific centers;
  • Making, at the requests of interested organizations, project, evaluation and other practicial works;
  • Publication of scientific, analytical and expert works of the Institution;
  • Professional orientation of graduates of universities and schools;
  • Promotion of the development of the system of continuous education and training cadres;
  • Provision of consulting and marketing services for interested national and foreign partners;
  • Popularization of values of science, modern knowledge, education as well as values of peace and development;
  • Helping universities and scientific centers of the provinces of Uzbekistan in the organization and implementation of education and research activities;
  • Consulting students in making researches and writing diploma and dissertation essays;
  • Working out and publication of text-books, monographs as well as new teaching technologies;
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, roundtables, summer schools, trainings and qualification raising exercises;
  • Inviting leading local and foreign scientists for lecturing and conducting trainings in the inversities of Uzbekistan.

NNRI “Knowledge Caravan” has wide network of foreign partners and is ready for cooperation with interested organizations.
NNRI “Knowledge Caravan” applies in its activity modern innovative methods of researches and education; combines theoretical and empirical works.
NNRI “Knowledge Caravan” intends to cooperate with the state structures and provide special analytical materials and policy briefs.

Knowledge is a seed of peace
Education is a tree of peace
Science is a fruit of peace